Saturday, November 21, 2020

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In conversation with his old friend John Connolly.

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James Lee Burke


After finding himself caught up in one of Louisiana’s oldest and bloodiest family rivalries, Detective Dave Robicheaux must battle the most terrifying adversary he has ever encountered: a time-traveling superhuman assassin.

The Shondell and Balangie families are longtime enemies in the New Iberia criminal underworld and show each other no mercy. Yet their youngest heirs, Johnny Shondell and Isolde Balangie, rock and roll-musician teenagers with magical voices, have fallen in love and run away after Isolde was given as a sex slave to Johnny’s uncle.


James Lee Burke’s first novel, Half of Paradise, was given a six-column review in The New York Times by Wirt Williams, author of Ada Dallas, comparing Burke’s novel to the work of Faulkner and Sartre.  His fourth book The Lost Get-Back Boogie

Burke published two more novels, then submitted the manuscript titled The Lost Get-Back Boogie. It stayed under submission for over nine years and was rejected more than 111 times. This kept Burke out of hardback print for thirteen years. During that time, he met his current agent, Philip Spitzer, who was driving a cab in Hell’s Kitchen at night and running a one-man agency during the day. When The Lost Get-Back Boogie was finally published by Louisiana State University Press, it was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Burke has been a Breadloaf Fellow and Guggenheim Fellow, and has been awarded two Edgar Awards for best novel, as well as the Grand Master Award, by the Mystery Writers of America.

Two for Texas was adapted by TNT for television, and Heaven’s Prisoners and In the Electric Mist were theatrical releases. The Robicheaux series has been translated into almost every language in the world. Burke and his wife, Pearl, have four children and four grandchildren, and live on a ranch in western Montana.