Saturday, February 15, 2020


First Baptist Church Sanctuary

223 Bull Street

John McMahon


The Good Detective follows Detective P.T. Marsh, a rising star on the police force of Mason Falls, Georgia—until his wife and young son were killed in an accident, and is now caught in a spiral of grief and booze. When he decides to “help out” an exotic dancer by confronting her abusive boyfriend and the next morning he gets called to the crime scene of a dead man, the very man he beat up the night before. The trouble is only beginning when P.T. and his partner begin to suspect the murder is connected to a local arson and lynching, and P.T. realizes he might have killed the #1 suspect of this horrific crime. John McMahon introduces Detective P.T. Marsh in a swift and bruising debut where Elmore Leonard’s staccato prose meets Greg Iles’ Southern settings.


John McMahon studied Creative Writing at The University of Arizona. In his role as an ad agency creative director, his work has won a Gold Clio for Fiat, and he’s written a Superbowl spot for Alfa Romeo. He currently lives in Southern California with his family and two rescue animals. He’s hard at work on another P.T. Marsh book and dreams of splitting his time between Cabo San Lucas and Lake Lanier, Georgia.