Saturday, February 15, 2020


Trinity United Methodist Church

225 West President Street

Kent Garrett & Jeanne Ellsworth


In the fall of 1959, Harvard recruited an unprecedented eighteen “Negro” boys as an early form of affirmative action. Four years later, they would graduate as African Americans. The Last Negroes recounts how these eighteen youths broke new ground, with ramifications that extended far past the iconic Yard. By the time they were seniors, they would have demonstrated against national injustice and grappled with the racism of academia, had dinner with Malcolm X and fought alongside their African national classmates for the right to form a Black students’ organization.


Kent Garrett graduated from Harvard in 1963. He has had a thirty year Emmy and Peabody award winning career in television news and documentaries. Jeanne Ellsworth has a PhD in social foundations of education from the University of Buffalo, and has devoted her life to teaching, from elementary school to prisons to universities. Garrett and Ellsworth live in Roxbury, New York.