Saturday, February 15, 2020


Trinity United Methodist Church

225 West President Street

Michele Sullivan


Looking Up is the story of how Michele Sullivan became the smallest woman at the largest earth-moving manufacturer in the world. While her height has presented challenges that are different from those most have experienced (containing some uniquely humorous moments as well), it has allowed her to see things, literally and figuratively, that others do not. Embedded in this narrative are unique takeaways for individuals about the importance of making the first move, being wrong at first, choosing intimacy over influence, and learning that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.


Michele Sullivan is the recently retired director of Corporate Social Innovation and president of the Caterpillar Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the $46-billion manufacturing giant Caterpillar, Inc. In addition to her thirty-year career holding various leadership positions at the company, she recently helped transform the foundation into one of the world’s most influential corporate foundations, through the launch of its collaborative impact platform known as Together.Stronger.™, a catalyst for shared prosperity that unites businesses, nonprofits, government, and citizens to combine their strengths to alleviate poverty for millions of people worldwide.