Saturday, February 15, 2020


First Baptist Church Sanctuary

223 Bull Street

Zoe Fishman


Sylvie Snow is a hard-working career woman, wife and mother who lives in a beautiful house and drives a beautiful car. Newly addicted to the Oxycontin intended for her husband, Sylvie slips slowly into a nightmare as her repressed grief about the heartbreaking stillbirth of her daughter, Delilah, resurfaces. Invisible as Air explores the meaning of family, the invisibility of addiction, and the unpredictability and all-encompassing nature of grief.


Zoe Fishman is the bestselling author of Inheriting Edith, Driving Lessons, Saving Ruth and Balancing Acts. She’s the recipient of myriad awards, including a NY Post Pick, and has been profiled in Publisher’s Weekly and The Huffington Post among others. Fishman worked in the New York publishing industry for thirteen years, and was recently the Visiting Writer at SCAD Atlanta. She currently teaches at Emory Continuing Education and The Decatur Writers Studio, at which she is also the Executive Director. She lives in Decatur with her family.

Zoe Fishman will be in conversation with writer, SCAD professor and SBF board member Jonathan Rabb.