“Festival Saturday”

Saturday, February 13th thru Sunday, February 28th

In honor of our 14 year tradition of bring authors to the community on our free Festival Saturday, SBF is pleased to provide free access to the 2020 ticketed headliners who have participated in our 2021 virtual festival.

  • To view these sessions, simply click on the links below.
  • No registration is required, you will be taken to the event page and simply click the triangle on the video to play.

Thank you for supporting the Savannah Book Festival. We hope to be together, face-to-face, for the 2022 Savannah Book Festival next February.

2020 Headliners from the 2021 Virtual Festival

Brad Thor author of Near Dark

Click here to view Brad’s session:

Brad Thor


Sandra Brown author of Thick as Thieves

Click here to view Sandra’s session:

Sandra Brown


Dave Barry author of  Lessons from Lucy

Click here to view Dave’s session:

Dave Barry


Michael Connolly author of The Law of Innocence

Click here to view Michael’s session:

Michael Connelly


John Connelly author of The Dirty South and James Lee Burke author of A Private Cathedral

Click here to view John and James’s session:

Connolly and Burke




Past Headliners

Headliners from previous festivals are also available for free viewing.  Click the links below to take you to their presentations.


2020 Savannah Book Festival


Joseph Kanon author of The Accomplice.

Click here:

Joseph Kanon



John Grisham author of The Guardians.

Click here:

John Grisham


John Becker and Megan Scott The Joy of Cooking. 

Click here:

Becker and Scott


2019 Savannah Book Festival



Daniel Krauthammer editor for his Father’s book The Point of it All.

Click here:

Daniel Krauthammer



George Saunders author of Fox 8 and Paula Sanders author or The Distance Home

Click here:

George and Paula Saunders


Sara Vincent and Lynn Vladic authors of Indianapolis

Click here:

Vladic and Vincent

Chris Stirewalt author of Every Man a King.

Click here:

Chris Stirewalt


2018 Savannah Book Festival


Diana Gabaldon author of Outlander.

Click here:

Diana Gabaldon


Lisa Ko author of The Leavers.

Click here:

Lisa Ko


Jodi Picoult author of Small Great Things.

Click here:

Jodi Picoult


2017 Savannah Book Festival



James Patterson

Click here:  James Patterson

Colson Whitehead

Click here: Colson Whitehead


Christina Baker Kline

Click here:  Christina Baker Kline 


Previous Festival Saturday Authors

A limited number of Festival Saturday authors from previous festivals are available for free viewing by clicking on the links below.

2020 Festival Saturday Authors


Michele Sullivan author of Looking Up

Click here:

Michelle Sullivan

Jaquira Diaz author of Ordinary Girls.

Click here:

Jaquira Diaz


Edward Larson, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Franklin and Washington.

Click here:

Edward Larson

Ken Garrett and Jeanne Ellsworth authors of The Last Negroes at Harvard. 

Click here:  Garrett and Ellsworth

Robert Wilson author of Barnum. 

Click here:  Robert Wilson

Robert Bilott author of Exposure. 

Click here:  Robert Bilott



Amy Shira Teitel author of Fighting for Space

Click here:  Amy Shira Teitel


2019 Festival Saturday Authors


Larry Loftis author of Code Name – Lise

Click here:  Larry Loftis

William Knoedelseder author of Fins  

Click here:  William Knoedelseder

Charles Graeber author of The Breakthrough.

Click here:  Charles Graeber

Chris Stirewalt author of Every Man a King.

Click here:  Chris Stirewalt

Dan Hampton author of Chasing the Demon.

Click here:  Dan Hampton

Alec Nevala-Lee author of Astounding.

Click here:  Alec Nevala-Lee


David Edwards author of Creating Things That Matter.

Click here:  David Edwards


2018 Festival Saturday Authors


Brian Curtis author of Fields of Battle.

Click here:  Brian Curtis

David Enrich author of The Spider Network.

Click here:  David Enrich

Retired Air Force Major General Robert Latiff author of Future War.

Click here:  Robert Latiff

Ben Blum author of Ranger Games.

Click here:  Ben Blum

Celeste Headlee author of We Need to Talk.

Click here:  Celeste Headlee

Scott Shapiro author of The Internationalists.

Click here:  Scott Shapiro








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