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2015 Author testimonials:

Karen Abbott

“And thanks again to you all for having me and being such fabulous hosts. This was the best book festival I’ve ever been to”

Patti Callahan Henry

“I am writing to say thank you for such a lovely weekend! Everything was perfect, and I often commented “If only every event we did was this great”

“Savannah Book Festival is that rare gathering of beauty, southern hospitality and enthralling authors. I had the absolute best time not only speaking and meeting so many enthusiastic book lovers like myself, but also hearing from the other authors in historic venues surrounded by the charm that is Savannah’s calling card.”

Mary Hood

“Thank you so much for all the thoughtful attention and consideration to me and to the other writers at the recent Book Festival. My room was wonderful and I loved the welcome and goodies in my Festival book bag. I wish I could hire a skywriter to fly over and let everyone in Savannah know –but they already do–what a wonderful event it was”

Joshua Horwitz

I’m so glad you invited me to your book festival! My wife and I had a terrific time on our first visit to Savannah, and I was hugely impressed by how well you treat your authors. I can’t remember an event or book fair I’ve attended where I felt so well taken care of and so widely appreciated. It’s really every author’s fantasy to be feted in such style”

Edward Larson

“Everything ran like a clock….A wonderful event”

David McCullough Jr.

“A very big thank you for including me in the Festival. Neither of us has been to Savannah before, but we’re eager to return soon and often!

Again, many thanks and hearty congratulations on a wonderful Festival.”

Mary Alice Monroe

“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the Savanah Book Festival. It was a glorious event– well organized, upbeat and well attended. We authors felt well taken care of. Goodness, I’ve never had an ice cream named after me! My volunteer supporters were the best, cheerful and real book lovers! Finally, I had a chance to see old friends and meet new ones”

Preston Russell


Diane Thomas

“I was just blown away by the whole thing, not the least aspect of which was its obvious ability to generate buzz for very new books such as mine…..suffice it to say my appearance at the 2015 SBF will remain one of the highlights of my writing career”

Richard Zoglin

“….thanks so much for inviting me to your wonderful Festival. I enjoyed every minute of my time there”

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