About Us

Now in it’s 17th year, the Savannah Book Festival is one of the nation’s leading invitation-only book festivals.  The 2024 Annual Savannah Book Festival will continue to celebrate nationally-recognized and local authors for their contributions to literacy, ideas, and imagination. Festival Saturday is free and open to the public, featuring solo author presentations in seven venues, throughout the day, around the Telfair, Chippewa and Wright Squares in historic downtown Savannah. Our Headlining Author events, featuring some of the most prominent names in the book world, are ticketed at a nominal fee.

The Savannah Book Festival was founded in 2008 by Matt Prickett.  Our book-loving community and the Savannah Book Festival are eternally grateful for the vision, dedication and leadership of founder Matt Prickett.  His dream hasbecome one of the nations leading invitation-only book festivals.  When you see Matt enjoying this year’s authors at the Festival, please take a moment to thank him for this outstanding Festival.

Thank You to Our SBF Sponsors