The Savannah Book Festival takes place, solely, through the dedication of an amazing number of donors.  SBF Sponsors and Literati members provide 90% of the funding for the Festival.  Their donations provide a free Festival Saturday, under-write the SBF@Schools Program and allow the development of the country’s leading invitation-only book festival. The Savannah Book Festival has hosted 650+ authors in our community since the inception of SBF in 2008.  If you see one of these amazing individuals, please thank them for their generous giving.  If you would like to become a sponsor or literati member please click here to learn more about the possibilities.               Sponsors             Literati



SBF Sponsors

 The Chairperson’s Circle

The Philip E. and Nancy B. Beekman Foundation

Dave and Nancy Cintron

Robert Faircloth

Courtney Knight Gaines Foundation

Betsy Lancaster

Kristin and Mickey Ott

Gerald D. and Helen M. Stephens Foundation

The Publisher

Landings Landlovers Foundation

Mrs. Maura Sovchen

The Editor


E. Shaver Booksellers 

Georgia Power

John and Fran Kane

Gary and Judy Lautzenhiser

The Lemon Foundation

Jack and Mary Romanos

Suwyn Family Foundation

Bob Zerbe


The Literary Agent


Mr. and Mrs. Bob Banuski

Elizabeth Beekman

Ivy Council

Mrs. Wayne Dickerson

Lawrence and Jan Dorman

Robert Druten

Dianne Duncan

Bruce and Lori Eckert

Rachel Young Fields and Shaun Fields

Goodwill Southeast Georgia

Jim and Ann Higbee

Doug and Kay Horan

HunterMaclean Attorneys

Bill and Tina Kelly

Ann and Charles Koepke

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lyons

David and Joan Resler

Roy and Maggie Richard

Nancy Sheets

Chris Aiken Sickels and Bill Sickels

Carri and Gerry Stoltz

Jerry and Norrita Thorne

Jim and Christina Trolinger

Union Mission

Kent and Liz Urness

Peter and Pamela Voss

Bill and Nina Weil


The Novelist

Beau and Chris Anders

Curt and Elizabeth Anderson


Kathryn and Michael Bryson

Christopher Cay

Ron and Barbara Coley

Ed and Joyce Conant

Pat and Ed Coulson

Linda DeArment

Ted Dintersmith and Elizabeth Hazard

Steve and Carter Eagle

Dave and Bobbi Erwin

Trina Johnson Fisher – In memory of her son Kyle Johnson 

Dawn French

Georgia Humanities

Georgia Writers Hall of Fame

William Goldiner

Lyn and Kent Gregory

Jane Griffin and Matt Prickett 

Mary and Lynn Harvey

Jean and Will Holland

Sherry Jacobson

Fran Kaminsky

John Kinnaman

Chuck and Ann Koepke

Robert and Diane Levy

Tim and Fran Lindgren

Littlejohn Family Foundation

Bob and Eileen McNamara

Tom and Margaret Morse

Mark and Daphne Murphy

Nickels and Dimes Giving Fund

Bruce and Liz Pendleton

Sydney Rangeley

David Resler

Jane Rosen

Rosaleen Roxburgh


Marjorie K. Shiekman

Bob and Allison Smith

Joey and Deanie Strength

Austin and Marti Sullivan

Kim Bockius-Suwyn and Dan Suwyn

Carolyn Szlasa

Christina and Jim Trolinger

University of Georgia Libraries

University of Georgia Writers Hall of Fame

Visit Savannah and Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce

Nina and Bill Weil

Deb Werner

Susan Willetts

Carol and Joe Young

Platinum Literati Members

James Bond

Walter O Evans Foundation

Morris and Marla Geffen Family Foundation

Steve and Cheryl Keller

Cynthia Lowe

Patricia Paul

Caroline Cay Powell

Cynthia Rohde

Jan and David Seeley

John Tatum

Margaret Frances Thomas

Susan Willetts

 Darlene Marie Wayt


Gold Literati Members

Jean and Jay Ahrens

Karen Anagnost

Suzanne Barber

Elaine Borruso

Sydney Britt

Jane Burdick

Erin and Jack Cay

Sarah Connerat

Patricia Croskey

Margot Cutting

Susan Danner

Connie and Glen Darbyshire

Susan Dischner

Emerging Leaders Committee Fund

Jane Espy

Judith Feedham

Liz Feeney

Arlene Flick

Mary Foegelle

Carol Foster

Deborah Fulton-Helmer

Peggy Gillenwater

Joseph and Jean Grabias

Shannon Grissom

Sheila Grossman

Susan and Dan Hellstern

Ann Herzich

Jayne Hoover

Bryant Joyner

Joan and Brian Kornblatt

Marek Lewanda

Robyn and Chris Matthews

Jeannie McCorkle

Barbara McCormack

Joyce McDonald

The Mary Maclean Foundation

Tina Mulhare

Daphne Nash

Shriley Newhart

Susan Partusch

Susan Currie Prutzman

Rod and Ellen Sullivan Charitable Foundation

Rebecca Rowden

Kyle Rowlands

Milli Sample

Lila and Jeff Scott

Barbara Sharp

Claire Shaw

 Ken and Jacqueline Sirlin

Steve Skoe

Helen and Edgar Smith

Jacqy and Paul Soderberg

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Solomons, Jr.

Valeria Spero

The Chatham Foundation

Holly Taylor

The Lesher Family Fund

Perry Trilling

John Ufford

Kevin and Ellen Van Wart

Lisa Jill Webb

Mason and Lisa White

Elizabeth Winston

Richard K. Lane

  Silver Literati Members

Samuel and Bert Adams

Lissa Alvarez

Jane Ault

Philip Bartow

Christina Beaver

Janice Baldwin

William and Leslie Bennison

Andrew and Kim Boguszewski

Jeffrey Brady

Mellinda Brandon

Vickilynn Brunskill

Martha Carpenter

Natalie Chase

Becky Cheatham

Jeanne Cincotti

Carol Clapp

Meg Clemm

Mary Louise Cohen

Lynn Coker

CeCe Coleman

Doris Cope

Carolyn Coppola

Ed Corley

Connie Cranford

Maryce Cunningham

Margo Cutting

Beverly Dalrymple

Janet A. Day

Carol Duffy

Greg Finley

Joan and John Fitzgibbon

Karen Floto

Timothy Forbes

Shannon GaNun

Anne and John Gardner

Paul Gentile

Elizabeth Goodwin

Billie Goodwin

Linda Greenwell

Hilary Hamlin

Rebekah Heppner

Katherine and Peter Hering

Cynthia Heil

Susan Heun

Lynda Hobbs

Thomas and Candice Horner

Donald and Lynne Howe

Virginia Hylander

Beth Johnson

Lee Ann Jones

Charles and Arlene Keaton

Rob Kelly

Evelyn Keolian

Joyce Kesler

Michael and Muffin King

Charles Klein

Kathleen Klimas

Victoria Knapp

Mimi Krupp

Bernice Kuhn

Connie Julp

Sheryl Kuo

Nancy Larouche

Barbara Lohr and Ted Lludeke

William and Susan Lovett

Marcember Lyons

Mary Madden

Carol Markle

Fran Matuska

Kay McCosh

Elyse Meister

Judith and Bob Meuleman

Laurie Milano

Phyllis Monahan

Ali and Carol Nasr

Elizabeth Nix

Nancy Norris

Linda North

Kelly O’Connor

Lisa Oswald

Marolyn Overton

Elizabeth Pendleton

Audrey Platt

Carol Pope

Suzanne Pruitt

Jonathan Rabb

Alan and Kim Robertson

James and Catherin Ruhl

Dianne Russ

Barbara and Carl Sassano

Janice Lo Sasso

Karen  Sellick

Becky Shanley

Matthew and Kelsy Smith

Bradd and Kathi Siegel

Sue Souls

Patricia Stewart

Nan Taylor

Susan Terrio

Zelda and Sheldon Tenenbaum

Stan And Frankie Thornton

Nancy Thompson

Martha Treutelaar

Nancy Van Gieson

Donna Von Bruening

Marq Warner

Karen Washburn

Jeannie Waller

Kyle Wilcox

Beverly Willett

Gail Wolfert

Cathryn Wood

Lee and Patti Young

Lisa Yount


Thank You to Our SBF Sponsors