Cavanaugh Lee

Save as Draft

Bridget Jones meets He’s Just Not That Into You in this story of a love triangle unfolding in the digital age. Save as Draft illustrates all that can go wrong (and right) by the latest forms of (mis)communication.

An epistolary novel told entirely in emails, Blackberry texts and messages, Facebook and profiles, Save as Draft follows the quirky Izabell Chin, a wannabe-actress-turned-lawyer, and the two men who love her. There’s Peter, the preppy, reserved co-worker and loyal friend, and Marty, a guy who arrives via an alluring profile. A love triangle evolves over the course of several emails and texts as these characters struggle to say what they mean and mean what they say in an era that leaves them wondering if things left unsaid—or rather unsent—could have changed the course of their lives forever.

Dating in the digital age: It’s a brave new dating world and Cavanaugh Lee’s fresh, fun novel takes some virtual jabs at the misfires, typos, LMAOs, OMGs, TTYLs, and WTFs that dominate today’s singles scene. This novel is a tongue-in-cheek cautionary tale about relationships instantly created and destroyed by the stroke of a “delete” key, with characters who suffer from systemic ADD and use email, texting and social networking to be rampantly passive-aggressive, stalk each other freely and live completely separate online and “real” lives.

Cavanaugh Lee was raised in San Francisco and received her undergraduate degree from UCLA’s School of Theatre. After graduation, she worked steadily as a “wactress” for four years. True love (or so she thought) led her to the deep south of Mississippi, and when the relationship imploded she stuck around south and received her law degree from UNC. By day, she is a prosecutor in Savannah, Georgia, and by night she is searching for true love and working on the sequel to SAVE AS DRAFT.

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