The Savannah Book Festival is one of the finest invitation only literary events in the country. Whether you are a published author, a publicist, or simply an avid book reader, you can fill out the digital form linked below to nominate yourself or your favorite author to the SBF Author Selection Committee. To be considered for the 2025 Festival, the book must be published after the previous year’s Festival. For
example, books eligible for the 2025 Festival must be published after February 19, 2024. Unfortunately, due to the volume of books submitted for consideration, self-published works and author financed books will not be considered.

The Author Selection Committee reviews submissions with the goal of creating a mix of literature that will appeal to a broad audience of readers. Every year, the Savannah Book Festival aims to bring a diverse mix of authors from a variety of genres, disciplines, heritages, cultures and more. Types of genres considered include:
  • Fiction – Literary, Suspense/Thriller, Mystery, Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, YA etc.
  • Nonfiction – History, Autobiography/Biography, Memoir, Cookbooks, Art, Culture, etc.
    • Nonfiction titles are considered from a variety of perspectives and are selected depending on how they encourage the Festival’s mission of engaging in civil conversation
  • Graphic Novels/Comics
  • Titles with a local focus
The Savannah Book Festival does not include children’s books, self-published, or author financed books. The SBF Author Submission Guidelines are located here: SBF 2025 SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

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